Monday, April 23, 2012

Gay Couple Thrown Out Of Bar For Kissing - Withdraw Their Complaint

 The gay couple who claimed they were ejected from the Public bar on Courtenay Place, Wellington at the weekend for kissing, have withdrawn their complaint.  Initially they claimed that it was because of a human rights issue and that no one has a problem if two straight people kiss at a bar.  Since then there has been CCTV footage produced which suggests that they were being overly affectionate in public before being asked to leave.  It seems that maybe their judgement was blurred or they simply didn't realise how the media would blow this issue out of proportion, but it seems that Public was right and they were wrong.  The funny thing is that Public deserves an apology, but probably won't get one and will be remembered as the place which threw two lesbians out.  There is not much justice in this world! 

A couple who claim they were ejected from a bar for kissing have withdrawn their human rights complaint.
Rebekah Galbraith, 22, said she and her girlfriend Jennie Leadbeater, 21, decided "not to take any further action" with the Human Rights Commission.
The pair had earlier said they were told to leave the Courtenay Place bar about 2.50am on Sunday after they kissed on the lips.
"My girlfriend and I didn't expect this to get as big as it has."
The public pressure had been "incredibly overwhelming", Galbraith said.
"I'm withdrawing my complaint because the publicity that this has received is something that I did not ever consider or anticipate."
CCTV footage viewed by The Dominion Post showed they were being affectionate before being asked to leave.
Public owner Gina Mills allowed The Dominion Post to view CCTV footage of the couple's movements early on Sunday morning. Mills had earlier said no CCTV footage existed.
The footage showed Leadbeater buying a glass of wine at 2.31am, before being approached by a young man.
The two chatted for a minute before Galbraith approached and put her arm around Leadbeater and kissed her on the cheek.
A doorman is seen walking through the area twice while the couple is at the bar, and does not stop or look closely at  Leadbeater or Galbraith.
The couple remained at the bar kissing each other affectionately and hugging, before moving to a corner of the bar out of view of security cameras.
At 2.55am a doorman approached the couple in the corner and asked them to leave, with the pair exiting the bar quickly. Galbraith is seen questioning the doorman on the street, then Leadbeater goes back into the bar to retrieve a cardigan she left behind.
Mills maintains the pair were behaving in an inappropriate manner in the corner of the bar, and said any couple acting in such a way would also be asked to tone down their behaviour.
"I think we had nothing to be vindicated for because we were telling the truth from the beginning. We didn't tell anyone to leave for simply having a kiss."
"I stand by the support from everyone who stood by us during the last 48 hours but I won't be taking further action."
She would not comment further.
Mills said the last few days had been extremely stressful as the bar was "put through the wringer" for claims that were "baseless".

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