Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kiss An Asian Day!

Kiss this Asian!

Unofficially it is "Kiss an Asian Day" on Tuesday 23rd of March. So go up and give Asians a smooch. Of course the 23rd is almost over, but it will still be relevant overseas overnight, just don't tell my Asian flatmate or he will get a hat like people wear on St Patrick's Day "Kiss me I'm Irish!" and change it to "Kiss me I'm Asian!".

Tonight we went out to Porirua to play mini golf at the Treasure Island course but it had shut early and we missed out. Instead I managed to drag the others along to Denny's restaurant. It is a tacky family restaurant with bright lights and heaps of specials. They had two for one meals, but I think the desserts were the best with my Oreo Sundae the best. Some of the other meals are poor quality, but it is the American diner style place. They are also open 24 hours on weekends. They didn't have any of the plastic glasses which light up when you drink from them. I broke Jenny and Tali's cup a few years ago, but they don't sell them any more. This place is tacky, but has good desserts and fast service. It is in Porirua, so gets lots of locals along. They have a seniors menu and kids often eat free.

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